2018/19 First Semester Teaching Conference

Wednesday, August 29 - Sias International University held a teaching conference on the 28th of August in the administration building. Executive President, Wang Jialing, and Assistant Principal, Guo Xuede, attended the conference along with the leaders of the Administrative Office, Human Resources Office, and Academic Affairs Office.


The Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Xiaoquan, incorporated new plans for the academic year with regard to the enrollment of Freshmen, the setting up of new professional groups, the revision of training programs, a focus on the Sias brand, the evaluation of teaching and research departments, undergraduate assessments, and a teacher's teaching contest.


Executive President Wang Jialin put forward 3 requirements for the new academic year:

 - Each college should take the initiative to evaluate itself according to the new standards, find out areas that require growth and address them.

 - Insist on content development

 - Promote reform with regard to teaching and the classroom environment

2018/19 First Semester Teaching Conference

Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Xiaoquan

Executive President, Wang Jialin

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