Sias Leaders Inspect Preparations for New Academic Year

Friday, August 31 - In order to ensure a smooth transition to the new academic year as well as the efficiency of the registration of the incoming freshmen, the Sias leadership inspected the preparations on the 29th and 30th of August. Sias Party Secretary Ma Jiansheng, Sias President Chen Sikun, Executive President Wang Jialin, Deputy Party Secretary Li Huafeng, Vice President Wu Hua, and Assistant Principal Guo Xuede, were among the leaders involved. The leaders of the Administrative Office, Party Committee Office, Academic Affairs Office, Logistics Department, Security Office, and the Office of Efficiency Promotion and Supervision were also present.


The leaders visited student dormitories, restaurants, gymnasiums, the construction of the new North Gate, the Central Fountain Square, and welcoming stations for freshmen. They also inspected renovations, food hygiene in cafeterias, and welcoming preparations. The leaders also thanked the staff involved for their hard work despite difficulties encountered and encouraged cooperation between departments for increased efficiency.


After the inspection, the leaders convened a meeting to discuss and solve problems. Chen Sikun said that Sias had successfully implemented the residential college system, but renovations had to be finished as soon as possible. Wang Jialin spoke about the construction at the new North Gate. He saiid that he would speak to the relevant government departments and would work towards improving ensuring no traffic problems in the area. Li Huafeng spoke about the Communist Youth League and their work in the residential colleges. Wu Hua said that departments needed to be proactive, cooperative, and conscientious. Guo Xuede said that continued improvement would be difficult, but not impossible if it was done carefully and in an orderly manner. In his concluding remarks, Ma Jiansheng said that all departments should cooperate and coordinate with each other for the smooth transmission of information so that programs would be completed effectively in the coming academic year.

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting sites

Sias leaders inspecting the North Gate construction

Sias leaders inspecting London Square


President Chen Sikun

Executive President Wang Jialin

Deputy Party Secretary Li Huafeng

Vice President Wu Hua

Assistant Principal Guo Xuede

Party Secretary Ma Jiansheng

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