Sias hosts Xinzheng Environmental Protection Lecture

Wednesday, September 26 - The Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng, Miao Ruiguang, visited Sias International University on the 25th of September. He was accompanied by the Supervisory Group of Air Polluton Prevention & Control from the Xinzheng Municipal Government, the Dust Control Office, and members of the Municipal Food & Drug Administration. Deputy Mayor Miao Ruiguang presented a special report on the environmental protection being done in the Xinzheng Municipality.


Sias Executive President, Wang Jialin, and Vice President, Wu Hua, attended the presentation. Over 600 people were present including representatives from the Administrative Office, Supervision and Audit Office, Academic Affairs Office, Logistics Office, Security Office, Office of Efficiency Promotion and Supervision, university restaurants, and student representatives.


Miao Ruiguang spoke about his experiences working in environmental protection. He said that he hoped to raise the awareness of the need of environmental protection. He said that it was a large part of development, especially in an ancient and historically significant city as Xinzheng. It would also provide local and regional economic benefits in the long run. He said that individuals in the food service industry, construction industry, teachers, and students, had an important role to play by strictly implementing standards and norms and thereby setting an example to society. He concluded his presentation by saying that there was pressure on Xinzheng to improve its air quality, and even though huge strides had been made, there was a long way to go.


Executive President, Wang Jialin, thanked Miao Ruiguang for his report and clear guidance on the environmental protection work required at Sias. He said that Sias would ensure a consistent and excellent performance with regard to the standards put forward.


After this, the leaders from the Xinzheng Municipal Government and Sias held further discussions about the specifics of the new government measures with regard to the environment and air pollution.

Sias hosted a lecture on Environmental Protection

Vice President of Sias, Wu Hua

Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng, Miao Ruiguang, delivered the lecture

Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng, Miao Ruiguang

Executive President, Wang Jialin

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