Sias Chairman attends UMAP Council in Japan

Friday, September 28 - The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias International University, Dr. Shawn Chen, attended the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) International Forum in Japan from the 24th to the 27th of September. Dr. Chen was accompanied by the Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs (OIA), Julian Yue. The Council was hosted by Osaka University of Commerce and had 35 university representatives from 17 countries, including China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Singapore.


At the Council, Dr. Chen spoke about Sias' development, and as the Chairman of the Chinese Chapter of the UMAP, he spoke about the promotion and publicity of the UMAP among Chinese universities and the plans for the UMAP in China throughout the coming academic year. He invited UMAP members to Sias' 20th Anniversary Celebrations in May, 2019.


At the Forum, it was unanimously decided to create the "2021 UMAP Discovery Camp", which would bring together outstanding students from 35 countries and regions to discuss their responsibilities as the youth and future leaders of the world. The success of the implementation of this idea, and Sias' role in it, has shown the steps taken by Sias in international education. It also provides more opportunities and platforms for Sias students to participate in international projects.


The University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) was founded in 1991, and is a voluntary association of government and non-government representatives of the higher education sector. The stated general aim of the UMAP is for each of the countries and territories in the Asia- Pacific region to "achieve an enhanced international understanding through increased mobility of university students and staff." This would include a better understanding of the cultural, economic and social systems of the other countries and territories in the region through enhanced cooperation among higher education institutions.


Sias International University joined the UMAP on the 27th of March, 2018, with Dr. Shawn Chen being appointed to oversee UMAP activities in China.


After the UMAP International Forum, Dr. Chen visited Toyo University in Tokyo. He met with the Chairman of Toyo University, Shinji Fukukawa, and discussed the potential of cooperation and exchanges between the two universities.


Founded in 1887, Toyo University is ranked in the top 30 universities in Japan. Sias International University signed a cooperation agreement with Toyo University in June, 2018. According to the agreement, Sias will send students to Toyo University for short-term exchange programs in January, 2019.

University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) International Forum at Osaka University of Commerce in Japan

UMAP International Forum in Japan

The Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, with the Chairman of Toyo University, Shinji Fukukawa

Mr. Fukukawa and Dr. Chen

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