Sias holds Scientific Research Forum

Thursday, December 6 - Sias International University held a forum on the Declaration and Promotion of Scientific Research at its Administration Building on the 5th of December. The Director of the Department of Social Sciences at the Henan Department of Education, Wang Ya, attended the forum and delivered a lecture of the issues that needed to be addressed with regard to the declaration, promotion, and publishing of scientific research projects. Sias President, Chen Sikun, also delivered a speech, with Assistant Principal, Guo Xuede, presiding over the event. Over 200 academics and teachers, along with the deans of the residential colleges and academic schools attended the forum.


Chen Sikun thanked Wang Ya for his lecture and pointed out that teaching and scientific research were the two main tasks of colleges and universities. He said that scientific research was crucial because it provided support to the teaching and training by enhancing the quality of teaching and the overall strength of the institution. He said that he hoped that teachers would make use of these opportunities and use them for innovation in the classroom.


Beginning with the importance of scientific research with regard to the development of institutions, the growth of teachers, and the recognition of social evaluation, Wang Ya spoke in depth about the functions, content, value and significance of research in the Department of Social Sciences at the Henan Department of Education. He pointed out that the Department of Social Sciences aimed to garner support, build platforms, and provide incentives for teachers to engage in scientific research through the establishment and evaluation of projects (with regard to the Humanities and Social Sciences), the publication of works, innovation, and the recognition of achievements. He also put forward suggestions for the solving of existing problems in the application of scientific research. He stressed that the declaration of projects should be undertaken as early as possible, so as to increase incentives.


Guo Xuede pointed out that Wang Ya's pragmatic approach to research, along with the rich content and information in his lecture, was significant for the guidance and improvement of teachers' attitude and methodology in research.


Guo Xuede then spoke about the scientific research at Sias while putting forward goals for the future. He said that to improve the level of research, the university needed to focus on two aspects - the personal level of teachers, and increasing the investment in scientific research, which would increase incentives and optimize the environment for it.

Forum on the Declaration and Promotion of Scientific Research

Assistant Principal, Guo Xuede

Sias President, Chen Sikun

Director of the Department of Social Sciences at the Henan Department of Education, Wang Ya

Group photo

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