Sias wins big at 2019 Hong Kong International Vocal Open

Wednesday, January 30 - Teachers from Sias University's School of Music & Opera won several top prizes at the Hong Kong International Vocal Open Competition on the 27th of January.


Zhu Zhenghua was awarded the first prize (second place, first vacancy) in the category of Verdi's Works, as well as the second prize in the Opera Category, and the second prize in the Art Song Category. Jing Yanhong won the first prize in the National Group, and the second prize in the Artistic Song Category. Li Yuanfang won the first prize in the Popular Category, and the first prize in the Ethnic Category. The pianist that accompanied all the singers, Cheng Yun, was also from Sias' School of Music & Opera.


A whole host of media outlets covered the competition, including the international edition of People's Daily, CCTV, China Net, China Daily, China Youth Daily, China Economic Network, International Online, Zhengzhou Daily, Fenghuang Net, Tencent Net, and Sina Net.

Zhu Zhenghua

Jing Yanhong (second from the left)

Li Yuanfang

Online coverage of Sias teachers' performance at the competition

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