North American Alumni Chapter celebrates New Year Festival

Monday, February 4 - The North American Chapter of the Sias Alumni Association held a celebration in Los Angeles, USA, for the Chinese New Year Festival. The Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, and Vice President, Wu Hua, attended the function. The President of the California Film Academy, the head of the 20th Anniversary Office, and dozens of Sias alumni living in the United States gathered together to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.


Dr. Chen addressed those present and wished them for the Chinese New Year. He also invited those present to visit Sias for the 20th anniversary celebrations at Sias in May.


Members of the Sias alumni then shared their work and life experiences of living in the United States, and wished Sias for its future development and achievements.

Members of the North American Chapter of the Sias Alumni Association

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