Residential Colleges attract widespread attention from Media

Wednesday, February 20 - The establishment of the residential college system at Sias University in 2018, combined with its consistent improvement in functions, cultural significance, implementation of holistic education, and added value to campus life, has been recognized by teachers, students, parents, and society outside Sias.


The fact that the university, recently renamed Sias University, had implemented the residential college system to provide students with a more well-rounded education, received widespread attention on social media in China. A large number of news agencies and websites have covered it, including the People's Daily Overseas edition, China National Radio (CNR), Zhonghua Network, China Daily, Banyuetan, Xinhua net, China Youth Daily, China Economic Network, International Online, Zhengzhou Daily, Fenghuang Net, Tencent Net, and Sina Net.

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