20th Anniversary Volunteer Mobilization Conference

Friday, March 8 - Sias University's 20th Anniversary Office held a Volunteer Mobilization Conference on the 7th of March. The Chairman of the Board, Dr. Shawn Chen, and Vice President, Wu Hua, attended the event, as did the leaders of the Administration Office, Academic Affairs Office, Communist Party Committee, Office of International Affairs, and other relevant departments. Over 1,500 student volunteers were present from a variety of student organizations and the Communist Youth League. The Director of the 20th Anniversary Office, Qin Nan, presided over the conference.


Qin Nan introduced the training and education that the volunteers went through, and the progress of the preparations of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Sias.


Dr. Shawn Chen spoke about the plans for the 20th anniversary celebrations. He shed light on the planned events, layout of the venues, invitation of guests, and the arrangement of the series of activities scheduled. He emphasized that the 20th anniversary celebrations were a good opportunity for Sias to improve its influence, get the alumni involved, and give the teachers and students a united purpose. He said that he hoped that the volunteers would finish their work well and that they would gain valuable experiences from the events in May.


Wu Hua described his journey from a Sias student to the chief organizer of the 15th anniversary celebrations, and emphasized the tasks and principles that should be strictly observed. He thanked the students and volunteers for their effort and said that he hoped that they would continue to show their love for Sias through service and participation in the 20th anniversary celebrations.


At the end of the conference, Qin Nan led over 1,500 volunteers in swearing an oath for the 20th anniversary celebrations.

20th Anniversary Volunteer Oath Mobilization Conference

Director of the 20th Anniversary Office, Qin Nan

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Shawn Chen

Vice President, Wu Hua

Qin Nan led the 20th Anniversary Volunteers in the swearing of their oath

20th Anniversary Volunteers

20th Anniversary Volunteers

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