Consumer Rights Day at Sias

Friday, March 15 - Sias University observed Consumer Rights Day on the 15th of March. Events were held to increase students' awareness of consumer rights protection, help them understand the concepts of consumption, and provide guidance for safe and healthy consumerism. The events were organized by the Student's Union in cooperation with the Xinzheng Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Sias' Employment and Entrepreneurship Department, and Logistics Department. The events, which included educational activities, were held in Sias' Italian Square.


The theme of the event was "Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and promoting orderly prosperity of markets." Member of the Communist Youth League, Gong Shaofeng, along with members of the Xinzheng Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, spoke about various aspects of consumer rights and the protection of interests for students.


Other topics explored, aided by publicity brochures and pamphlets, were "Food Safety Knowledge", "Combating Pyramid Marketing", and "Safe Medication and Shared Health". Students were also taught about how they could deal with infringements of their legitimate rights and interests. Q&A sessions were also held with students with focus also given to legal problems with regard to consumer rights.


Consumer Rights Day is observed by promoting the basic rights of all consumers, demanding that those rights are respected and protected, and protesting about the market abuses and social injustices which undermine them.

Consumer Rights Day at Sias

Consumer Rights Day at Sias

Consumer Rights Day at Sias

Consumer Rights Day at Sias

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