20th Anniversary Training Conference

Friday, April 26 - Sias University held a special Training Conference to ensure the implementation of directives and the coordination of work for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Celebrations in May. Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, along with the Deputy Director of the Administration Office, Ding Gongci, attended the conference. Also in attendance were the Administrative Secretary, Administrative Liaison Office, Student Supervisor, Celebration Liaison Officer, and all the staff of the Communist Party Committee. The Conference was chaired by the Director of the 20th Anniversary Office, Qin Nan.


Qin Nan briefed the leaders and the staff present on the preparations for the university's 20th anniversary celebrations. She also spoke of the priorities at hand, and the work that had been completed earlier this year.


Ma Jiansheng delivered the main speech and thanked the staff for their work so far. He said that the celebrations were an important milestone in Sias' development history and offered the staff an opportunity to showcase their talents and teamwork. He put forward 3 requirements for the successful completion of the impending work:

- Staff should be united in their thinking and their priorities. All teachers and students must recognize the importance of the anniversary celebrations while looking forward to the future, and celebrating Sias' achievements.

- The celebrations offered an opportunity for Sias to organize high-level academic fora and high-quality exhibitions

- Staff should cooperate and have a clear idea of their tasks ahead so as to have realistic goals that can be achieved through an innovative attitude, meticulous planning and hard work.

He concluded his speech by encouraging those present to work towards a successful and memorable 20th Anniversary of Sias.


Ding Gongci said that Sias was at a crucial stage in the preparations for the anniversary celebrations. He said that staff should cooperate in their mobilization for the work at hand. He also shared from his experiences in the Administration Office and encouraged those present to exchange ideas, seek clarity, and refine the management of their work, so as to complete the tasks that lay ahead.


Qin Nan provided those present with the schedule of events for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations so that staff would be well prepared and would be able to achieve their targets. The Director of the General Office, Bai Meng, began the training session with regard to the reception and meetings during the 20th anniversary. Statistical data for the anniversary celebrations was also presented in detail at the Conference.


Sias University has set up a special leadership group for the organization of work for its 20th Anniversary Celebrations. Construction on campus is in full swing, and the preparatory work is on schedule.

20th Anniversary Training Conference

Director of the 20th Anniversary Office, Qin Nan

Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng

Deputy Director of the Administration Office, Ding Gongci

Head of the General Office, Bai Meng

20th Anniversary Training Conference

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