2019 Spring Job Fair

Monday, May 13 - Sias University held its 2019 Spring Job Fair on the 11th of May at the CUBA Training Facility. The fair involved 247 companies with over 300 booths offering over 2,000 jobs, with the goal of providing the graduating students with a diversified platform for employment.


The Job Fair was organized by Sias' Employment and Entrepreneurship Department, along with the academic schools and residential colleges. The companies offering jobs were from a wide range of fields such as education consultation, economic management, cultural communication, medicine, information technology (IT), energy, catering, hotel management, construction, real estate, electronics, and machinery. The variety of fields were necessary as they cater to the employment needs of students from different majors at Sias.


The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, visited the Job Fair along with the Sias President, Chen Sikun, Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, and Vice President, Wu Hua. The leaders inspected the Job Fair, interacted with students, and spoke to the representatives of companies to understand the needs of both the students and the companies with regard to prospects, requirements, and job satisfaction.


Some companies set up multifunctional experience areas that even included virtual reality, to help students understand the work environment and requirements, and increase the rate of contract signing.

2019 Spring Job Fair

2019 Spring Job Fair

Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, at the Job Fair

Dr. Chen and Vice President, Wu Hua, at the CUBA Training Facility

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