Sias Chairman visits South Korean universities

Monday, July 8 - The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias University, Dr. Shawn Chen, led a delegation to South Korea to visit Hanyang University, Korea University of Media Arts, Ewha Womans University, Woosuk University, and Myongji University, from the 2nd to the 5th of July. The visit aimed at increasing the internationalization of Sias and promoting cooperation and exchanges with South Korean universities. The Director of the Office of International Affairs and the Dean of the School of Art & Design accompanied Dr. Chen on the visit.


On the 3rd of July, the Sias delegation visited Woosuk University. Dr. Chen had in-depth discussions with the President about Sias graduates and staff pursuing Master's and Doctoral programs in South Korea. The President of Woosuk University said that they would do their best to provide assistance and support for faculty and students from Sias through scholarships, training, and project support during their Master's and Doctoral degrees. The two universities then signed a cooperation agreement.


Later in the day, Dr. Chen and the Sias delegation visited Korea University of Media Arts. The President introduced the university and its unique advantages of its film and television specializations. Dr. Chen said that he hoped that the two universities would cooperate in both faculty and student exchanges, training, and for the promotion of a Film & Television Institute at Sias.


On the morning of the 4th, the Sias delegation visited Ewha Womans University. Dr. Chen and the Vice President of Ewha Womans University exchanged views about cooperative projects such as student exchanges and postgraduate education.


In the afternoon, Dr. Chen visited Myongji University. Dr. Chen spoke about Sias University's unique characteristics and development. The leadership of Myongji University spoke of the similarities between the two universities noting that there was plenty of room for cooperation in the future. The two universities spoke constructively about student exchange projects, teacher training, and cooperation and exchanges in development. Myongji University agreed to sign cooperation agreements with Sias in the near future.


On the 5th, the Sias delegation visited Hanyang University. Dr. Chen spoke of Sias' characteristics of holistic, international, and innovative education, and shed light on the cooperative achievements of Sias in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, innovative entrepreneurship, and internationalized education. The President of Hanyang University said that he hoped that cooperation between the two universities would expand as soon as possible, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics.


During its visit to South Korea, the delegation from Sias not only consolidated old relationships, but also established new collaborative relationships with universities. The signing of cooperation agreements expands Sias' internationalization and strengthened the relationship between Sias and its partner universities in South Korea. The visit was also covered by local media, which further enhanced Sias' reputation abroad.

The Sias delegation at Woosuk University

Korean Folk Music performance

Signing of a cooperation agreement between Sias and Woosuk University

Signing of a cooperation agreement between Sias and Woosuk University

Dr. Chen speaking at Woosuk University

The Sias delegation at Korea University of Media Arts

Dr. Chen being interviewed at the Korea University of Media Arts

Gift exchange

The Sias delegation at Ewha Womans University

Discussions with the leaders of Ewha Womans University

Gift exchange

Group photo

Dr. Shawn Chen at Hanyang University

Discussions with the leadership of Hanyang University

Gift exchange

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