Sias Leaders Inspect Preparations for New Academic Year

Friday, August 30 - Members of the Sias University leadership, accompanied by the heads of certain departments, carried out an inspection of the preparations for the welcoming of freshmen of the 2019/20 academic year. Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, Executive President, Wang Jialin, Vice President, Wu Hua, Vice President, Xu Shengdao, and the heads of the Administration Office, Party Committee Office, Academic Affairs Office, Logistics Department, and Security Office were part of the inspection.


The school leaders visited Zhishan, Siqi, Boya, Mingli, Boyi Residential Colleges as well as the newly constructed North Gate. They inspected the service centers for welcoming freshmen, dormitories, the general campus environment, as well as the materials for welcoming freshmen. They thanked the staff involved for their work and inquired about the difficulties they faced. They also encouraged inter-departmental cooperation to improve the efficiency and practical problem solving among departments. The leaders also met with freshmen and encouraged them to adapt to their new environment as soon as possible and devote themselves to academic pursuits.


After the inspections, the leadership convened a meeting with the heads of various departments to discuss and solve problems that they found during the inspection process. Party Secretary Ma Jiansheng chaired the meeting.


At the meeting, the leaders pointed out the importance of the first impressions that freshmen have of Sias, thereby increasing the importance of the welcoming and the work of the volunteers. Leaders from all departments also spoke about the importance of ideological work, a clear division of labor, consultation, cooperation, and supervision.

Sias leaders inspecting the preparations for the new academic year

Sias leaders inspecting the preparations for the new academic year

Sias leaders inspecting the preparations for the new academic year

Leadership meeting

Vice President, Wu Hua

Executive President, Wang Jialin

Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng

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