Sias leaders carry out in-depth Classroom Inspections

Tuesday, September 3 - On the 2nd of September, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, inspected various teaching facilities and their preparations at the start of the 2019/20 academic year. Dr. Chen was accompanied by Sias Vice Presidents, Wu Hua and Xu Shengdao. Leaders of the Administration Office, Educational Research Department, Supervision & Audit Department, Human Resources Department, and Logistics Department were also present for the inspection.


The leaders began their tour by visiting classrooms in both the Eastern and Western areas of the Sias campus. In addition to inspecting the classrooms, teaching facilities, equipment, attendance, and management in the academic schools, they also checked on the curriculum arrangements in the residential colleges. The leaders sat in on some classes to make sure that the classroom experience and atmosphere were in order.


Dr. Chen met with two Associate Professors from the School of Art & Design, Tao Zongxiao and Wu Zhijian, to oversee the designing of medals and trophies for the 11th National Traditional Minority Sports Games. Dr. Chen said that he hoped that teachers of all majors would focus on improving the quality of teaching through scientific research and the training of the students' practical and innovative abilities. He said that this would improve the education and teaching at Sias and would, in turn, help the university to produce well-rounded graduates who could contribute to the social and economic development of the Central Plains of China.


Sias leaders will continue to inspect classrooms periodically and listen to teachers and students for feedback and suggestions to improve the quality of teaching at the university.

Sias leaders carrying out classroom inspections

Sias leaders carrying out classroom inspections

Sias leaders carrying out classroom inspections

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