2020 Graduates Employment & Entrepreneurship Conference

Wednesday, September 4 - Sias University held a Graduates' Employment & Entrepreneurship Mobilization Conference at the Basketball Arena on the 3rd of September. The conference was set up to improve students' awareness of employment and entrepreneurship and guide graduates in their career selection and employment. The chief guests at the conference were the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, Sias Executive President, Wang Jialin, Sias Vice President, Xu Shengdao, HR Manager of Geli Electrical Appliances Zhengzhou, and alumnus of Sias, Ma Fei, and the Founder of Henan Dudu Computer Technology, Wu Dongyi. The entire graduating class of 2020 attended the conference.


Dr. Chen's presented a report titled "Employment and Entrepreneurship Mobilization of Graduates in 2020" in which he used data and charts to analyze the employment situation of university graduates in China as well the employment and entrepreneurship conditions of Sias graduates in recent years. He spoke of the combined advantages of Sias' education, teaching resources, and international exchange platform, focusing on the choices made by graduates, whether it be to pursue graduate degrees, study abroad, seek employment, enlist in the military, or get involved in grass-roots employment. He encouraged the graduating class of 2020 to have an innovative consciousness, be aggressive with regard to their job hunting, broaden their ideas of employment, thereby increasing their opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. He said that Sias would expand its existing employment channels through university-enterprise cooperation to build a diversified employment and entrepreneurship platform. Sias would also uphold its concept of internationalized education by deepening exchanges and cooperation internationally to provide better opportunities for students to study and work abroad.


Ma Fei then elaborated on the knowledge, principles, and necessary skills needed by graduates with regard to three aspects of job hunting - understanding the interview process, interview development, and interview skills, with a focus on improvement. He shared from his own experiences in the Human Resources field and spoke about the skills needed for a successful job interview. Wu Dongyi shared from his experiences in the business process and spoke about the qualities and abilities needed for employment and entrepreneurship, such as an attention to detail, a learning attitude, resilience, how to deal with stress, and social skills. He said that he hoped that the students would acquire the skills and experience needed for an entrepreneurial mentality.


In his summary of the conference, Xu Shengdao said that with the current international situation and trends of economic development, employment for the 2020 graduates would be difficult. He said that he hoped that students would be successful in their internships by building their confidence and enhancing their skill-set, thereby laying a solid foundation for employment for themselves.

2020 Graduates Employment & Entrepreneurship Mobilization Conference

2020 Graduates Employment & Entrepreneurship Mobilization Conference

Sias Vice President, Xu Shengdao

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen

HR Manager of Geli Electrical Appliances Zhengzhou, Ma Fei

Founder of Henan Dudu Computer Technology, Wu Dongyi

Students from the graduating class of 2020

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