Sias holds 2019 MBA Opening Ceremony

Monday, October 14 - Sias University held an opening ceremony for the 2019 MBA class on the 12th of October. The Vice President for Global Initiatives at California Baptist University, Larry Linamen, Associate Professor of Nutrition at California Baptist University, Dr. Shasha Zheng, the Dean of Henan University's School of Business and Doctoral Tutor, Wang Xingyu, Sias Executive President, Wang Jialin, and the heads of the Academic Affairs Office, Scientific Research Office, Office of International Affairs, and School of Business, were present at the ceremony. Freshmen from the 2019 MBA class were also at the ceremony. The Director of the Office of International Affairs, Yue Junliang, presided over the opening ceremony.


At the ceremony, Wang Jialin spoke about the MBA degree and the cooperative MBA project between Sias University and California Baptist University. He said that Sias' continuing focus on the combination of Chinese and Western education was testament to its internationalization. As a Sino-foreign educational institute with a strong American educational model, Sias continued to explore new and improved teaching methods, providing students with a variety of learning platforms and resources to give them an international focus.


Larry Linamen then spoke about California Baptist University and welcomed the freshmen of the 2019 MBA class. He said that he hoped that students would enjoy their education. Freshman representative, Fan Zishen, then spoke of the students' expectations and academic plans.


After the opening ceremony, Prof. Wang Xingyu delivered a lecture. The Dean of Sias' School of Business, Gao Youcai, presided over the lecture. Wang Xingyu spoke of Game Theory in Economics and Inclusive Finance through models such as the "Prisoner's Dilemma" and "Smart Pig Game".,


The MBA project with California Baptist University provides increased resources and opportunities for students at Sias through new avenues with internationalization and an advanced curriculum.

2019 MBA Opening Ceremony

Director of the Office of International Affairs, Yue Junliang

Sias Executive President, Wang Jialin

Vice President for Global Initiatives at California Baptist University, Larry Linamen

2019 MBA Class Representative, Fan Zishen

Dean of Sias' School of Business, Gao Youcai

Dean of Henan University's School of Business, Wang Xingyu

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