Sias holds 2nd Alumni Enterprise Winter Salon

Monday, November 25 - Sias University's 2nd Alumni Enterprise Winter Salon was held in Zhengzhou on the 24th of November. Members of Sias' Alumni gathered together to share their knowledge of their industries and exchange ideas about enterprise development and cooperation between alumni enterprises. Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, along with the heads of certain departments attended the event where more than 30 members of Sias' alumni had gathered.


Ma Jiansheng delivered a speech on behalf of Sias and spoke about the achievements of the university in teaching, scientific research, and personnel training in the past year. He encouraged the alumni enterprises to aim for a higher level of development while strengthening their ties with Sias. Later, there were presentations by representatives of the Junlin Association of the Jianye Group, introducing the operations and characteristics of the Junlin Association and their projects.


Over 30 alumni spoke about the development of their respective enterprises over the past year as well their own insights in enterprise management, while exchanging industry resources and knowledge.

Sias University's 2nd Alumni Enterprise Winter Salon

The 2nd Alumni Enterprise Winter Salon

Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng

Sias Alumni

Sias Alumni

Sias Alumni

Sias Alumni

Sias Alumni

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