Renowned Peking University Law Prof. delivers Lecture at Sias

Friday, December 6 - The Henan Law Society held a special lecture at Sias University on the 5th of December. Professor at Peking University's Law School, and Henan Jurist, Li Ming, delivered the lecture. Other guests included the Vice President of the Zhengzhou Law Society, and Director of the Political Department at the Municipal Committee of Politics & Law, Tuo Xinqiang; the Secretary-General of the Zhengzhou Law Society, Cheng Bo; Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng; Sias Vice President, Wu Hua; and the Deputy Secretary of the Political & Legal Committee and Vice President of the Xinzheng City Law Society, Liu Lixin. Representatives of the Zhengzhou Law Society, Xinzheng Government and Law Departments, and teachers from Sias University were also present at the lecture. Party Secretary and Executive Vice President of the Henan Law Society, Li Chengxian, presided over the meeting.


Li Chengxian said that the Rule of Law lecture was a platform for the publicity of high-level rules of law made by the Henan Provincial Law Association. Famous legal experts and jurists from Henan were invited to present reports. The purpose was to study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's new concept and strategy of governing the country according to the law, spreading the culture of the Rule of Law, promoting the rule of law, publicizing legal knowledge, and improving the use of cadres. The eventual goal was to deal with the problems of reform, development, and stability, along with spreading an awareness of respecting and abiding by the law. Since its establishment in April 2018, the 'Henan Law Lecture Hall' has held 13 sessions, 11 of which have entered the Party committee theoretical learning center under the jurisdiction of the province and units directly under the province.


Li Ming shared his experiences with international law and the knowledge and experience that he had accumulated over the past 40 years in his studies and work. He said that he hoped that those present would gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of international law, and broaden their thinking of learning and studying.


Li Ming then delivered a lecture titled 'The Essence and Role of International Law' wherein he analyzed practical cases related to international law, and systematically expounded law and politics from the relationship between international law and international politics, and the role of international law in international cooperation.


In conclusion, Li Chengxian said that Li Ming's lecture added impetus to the work of the Henan Law Society and the development of Law studies at Sias University. He said that he hoped that Sias would build on the lecture to focus Law studies in the correct political direction, strengthen the faculty in the School of Law with an international perspective, and nurture legal talents to build Sias' School of Law into a well known academic school in Henan and even across China.


Before the lecture, Sias Vice President, Wu Hua, accompanied Prof. Li Ming on a campus tour that included Sias' European Street, Italian Square, German Street, Spanish Square, and London Street, as well as the School of Law, CUBA Training Facility, Golf Driving Range, Chinese Garden, Huanyu Residential College, Library, and School of Electronics & Information Engineering.


Li Ming is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Law School of Peking University, the Vice President of the China International Law Research Association, the Director of the Institute of International Law at Peking University, and is a member of the Advisory Committee of International Law at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His work mainly focuses on the theory of International Law and peaceful settlements of international disputes. He has published many high-level academic papers and monographs on Chinese Law in authoritative journals, which have had a great influence in both academic and practical circles.

The Henan Law Society held a special lecture at Sias University on the 5th of December

The audience at the special lecture included several dignitaries

Party Secretary and Executive Vice President of the Henan Law Society, Li Chengxian

Professor at Peking University's Law School, Li Ming

Prof. Li Ming

Sias Vice President, Wu Hua, accompanied Li Ming on a tour of the Sias campus

Campus Tour (CUBA Training Facility)

Campus Tour (Golf Driving Range)

Campus Tour (Chinese Garden)

Campus Tour (Huanyu Residential College)

Campus Tour (School of Electronics & Information Engineering)

Campus Tour

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