2019 Annual Beijing Alumni Meeting

Monday, December 30 - The Sias University Alumni Association in Beijing held its annual meeting on the 28th of December. Sias Vice President, Wu Hua, and the head of the Administration Office, Qin Nan, attended the meeting, as did over 130 Sias alumni from Beijing.


The host of the event welcomed the leaders and guests, thanked the alumni and their enterprises who sponsored the meeting, and those who supported the Sias Alumni Association through the year.


The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, sent his greetings through a video message and said that Sias would increase its support for its alumni through the coming year.


Wu Hua reviewed the achievements of the university in the past year and spoke about the new methods of enrollment and development being implemented at the university for its future. Qin Nan spoke of the work and achievements of the Sias Alumni Association in the past year, while the President of the Beijing Alumni Association, Meng Kai, spoke of their work in the past year. Members of the Beijing chapter also delivered speeches and spoke of their desire to continue supporting the Alumni Association.


Before the meeting, Wu Hua and his delegation were invited to visit the gallery of 2004 alumnus, Zhou Chen. During the visit, Zhou Chen spoke of his company's development, business, and scope. At the meeting, Wu Hua affirmed the development of enterprises founded and run by members of Sias' alumni, and encouraged them to maintain contact with their alma mater through cooperation that would help the next generation of graduates at Sias.

2019 Annual Beijing Alumni Association meeting

Sias Vice President, Wu Hua

Vice President, Wu Hua

Director of the Administration Office, Qin Nan

Speech by Sias alumnus

Speech by Sias alumnus

Speech by Sias alumnus

2019 Annual Beijing Alumni meeting

2019 Annual Beijing Alumni meeting

2019 Annual Beijing Alumni meeting

2019 Annual Beijing Alumni meeting

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