Sias Business School Launches First MOOC

Friday, March 20 – Sias University's School of Business course, "Theory & Practice of International Trade" was approved to be a high-quality online open course for colleges and universities in Henan on the 11th of October, 2019. With support from the university leadership and the heads of the School of Business, the course was officially launched on the 9th of March, 2020 as a MOOC of China University -


The course has been online for almost 2 weeks and has been well received. Additional resources will be opened according to the progression of the course. The MOOC is said to be providing help for teaching and learning during the current Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.


The course is based on the framework system of the classic teaching materials of international trade theory and practice, is up to date with the times, applies learning to application, pushes students to improve their quality and ability, and reconstructs the contents of the course by combining new cases, explaining new theories, and introducing new rules (2020 general principles). The main features of the course are to highlight the "student-centered" learning goal; to highlight the reconstruction of teaching content; and to highlight the reform and innovation of teaching methods.


The online teaching resources of the course are relatively complete, including chapter problem orientations, video collections, courseware (PDF versions), expansion materials, interpretations, unit exercises and tests, discussion topics, and platforms for interaction.

Sias' School of Business launched their first MOOC - 'Theory & Practice of International Trade'

Sias' School of Business launched their first MOOC - 'Theory & Practice of International Trade'

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