Sias Student Organizes Third Batch of Donations

Thursday, April 9 – A sophomore student, Sun Dengke, of the class of 2022, and a member of the Mingli Residential College, donated materials for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic at Sias University on the 9th of April. The donation included 1,000 disposable masks, 10 boxes of 500 ml surface disinfectant, 4 boxes of instant noodels, and other materials. Vice President Xu Shengdao was present at the donation ceremony along with the heads of the Sias Clinic and the Mingli Residential College.


Xu Shengdao expressed gratitude on behalf of Sias to Sun Dengke and his parents for their dedication and support to the university's work and said that the materials donated would be properly managed and used for the safety of teachers and students. He encouraged students to continue to study hard while at home using the online platforms, as well as remain safe during the pandemic so that they could return to the university soon.

Sias student, Sun Dengke, donated Covid-19 prevention materials

Vice President, Xu Shengdao, with Sun Dengke

Donation of materials

Xu Shengdao with Sun Dengke

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