Sias holds Teaching Conference

Thursday, April 9 – Sias University held a teaching conference in the China-US Incubation Center on the 8th of April. Vice President Zhao Yuxin presided over the meeting that was attended by the deans of all academic schools and the head of the Academic Affairs Office.


At the meeting, the head of the Academic Affairs Office spoke about the university's teaching management plans, including the plans for the university after the Covid-19 pandemic. This included plans for teaching, student returns, and the requirements for mid-term examinations during the pandemic. The presentation was followed by exchanges and discussions on relevant topics.


Zhao Yuxin gave his approval to the way in which Sias had successfully adapted and tailored courses for online teaching during the pandemic, and put forward 3 requirements for the plans for the university after the pandemic:

- First, the plans should be centered around students, closely related to the plans presented by the Academic Affairs Office, as well as the Logistics & Infrastructure Department. All academic schools were to arrange and formulate work plans for the return of students after the pandemic.

- Second, the work plans for the return of students should be closely integrated with the attributes and requirements of each academic school.

- Third, all academic schools were to strictly implement the directives of the Henan Department of Education.


At the conference the next phase of focus and direction of teaching management at the university during the Covid-19 pandemic were made clear. All participants were required to submit plans and reports and pay close attention to the guidelines provided.

Sias held a Teaching Conference attended by the heads of all academic schools

Vice President, Zhao Yuxin

The Head of the Academic Affairs Office

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