KII to participate in Sino-Foreign Cooperative Assessment

Thursday, May 14 - An internal on-the-spot investigation and assessment of Sias University's Kansas International Institute (KII) was conducted on the 13th of May by a group composed of Sias Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, and the heads of the Academic Affairs Office, Office of International Affairs, Human Resources Department, and Financial Assets Department. The assessment was carried out according to the requirements and evaluation index system of Sino-foreign cooperatively run educational institutions in 2020 issued by the International Exchange Association of the Ministry of Education.


Zhao Yuxin pointed out that the investigation should focus on the orientation and rectification of problems. Problems should be checked individually against the evaluation index system, shortcomings should be rectified, and the Kansas International Institute should be prepared to pass the inspection and evaluation for Sino-foreign cooperatively run institutions. He also said that through evaluation, management, and reform, KII should show the importance of Sino-foreign institutions. The Vice Dean of the Kansas International Institute, Wang Huan, presented a brief report on the preparations for the assessment.


The 4 working groups compared the results with the evaluation index system, inspected on-site materials, and gave detailed feedback on the problems they found. After the on-site investigation, Zhao Yuxin delivered a summary speech. He thanked those involved for their consultation and feedback, and put forward two requirements for KII's preparatory work.

- First, with a division of work among the staff, equal importance should be given to the form and content of materials in KII

- Second, problems should be carefully addressed and rectified under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, based on preparations and the smooth progress of evaluations.

Sias University conducted an internal on-the-spot investigation and assessment of its Kansas International Institute (KII) on the 13th of May

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