Sias Leaders Distribute Anti-Epidemic Kits to Students

Monday, June 1 - On the 30th of May, Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, Vice President, Xu Shengdao, and Prof. Guo Junfeng, led the heads of the Student Work Department and other relevant departments to greet the first batch of returning students from the various residential colleges at Sias University. The leaders also distributed anti-epidemic kits to students with financial difficulties.


The university leaders met with and spoke to students when welcoming them back. The said that they hoped that students would be able to return to studying while ensuring the prevention and control of the Coronavirus. They encouraged students to provide feedback in times of difficulty and promised to solve their problems.


Anti-epidemic kits were distributed to 816 students with financial difficulties. The kits included 10 disposable medical masks, 1 packet of disinfectant wipes, 1 bottle of 500ml sanitizing gel, and 1 mercury thermometer. Kits will be distributed to all returning students who have a need for them.


Throughout the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sias has continued to emphasize its student-oriented ethos. The Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Shawn Chen, has repeatedly expressed his concern for all students, including international students and even Sias students who were in Japan for internships.


During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Sias University had carried out a series of measures to help 5,543 students whose families had financial difficulties. Over 900 online courses for the postgraduate entrance examination were provided free of charge to help students prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. With the aid of the Henan Department of Education and the Henan Communication Administration and the support of China Mobile Henan, China Unicom Henan, and China Telecom Henan, 189 students were provided with mobile phone and broadband reduction and exemption services which helped them continue their courses without suspensions and guaranteed their completion.


Families of students who were affected by the Coronavirus were provided with subsidies to help the students. Students were given a living allowance and special grants were given to orphans.

Sias leaders meeting with students

Sias leaders presenting students with anti-epidemic kits

Sias leaders presenting students with anti-epidemic kits

Sias leaders presenting students with anti-epidemic kits

Anti-epidemic kit

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