School of Business Student Organizes Donations

Tuesday, June 9 - On the 8th of June, a student from Sias University's School of Business, Chen Yuguang, donated materials to Sias for the support of the university's measures for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic. The donation ceremony was attended by the Dean of the School of Business, Gao Youcai, the Party Secretary, Zhu Haitao, and the Vice Dean, Wang Yanpeng.


Chen Yuguang said that he paid close attention to the development of the pandemic and participated in its prevention and control. As an expression of his gratitude to Sias, he used the opportunity of returning to the university to donate prevention materials, and make a contribution to the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic at Sias.


Gao Youcai expressed his gratitude to Chen Yuguang for his donation. He said that he hoped that the graduates of Sias' School of Business would serve society and stay true to the values with which they were raised.

Donation Ceremony

Chen Yuguang, a student from Sias' School of Business, donated materials to Sias

Donation Ceremony

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