KII holds Lecture on Online Classrooms during Pandemic

Thursday, June 11 – Sias University's Kansas International Institute (KII) held an online lecture titled, "Case Analysis of Online Classroom Design during the Covid-19 Pandemic", by Dr. Li Ming on the 10th of June. The lecture aimed to provide teachers with new methods of online teaching to improve the effect of online classroom teaching with the background and restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Dr. Li Ming began by speaking about the common problems of online teaching, and went through its difficulties and challenges, inviting the participating teachers to share their online classroom designs and software. He also shared his online teaching designs and the most commonly used teaching software and platforms, while answering questions from those present. He gave a detailed introduction to the methods for increasing student participation and the effective evaluation of courses. Teachers shared their learning experiences of online teaching during the pandemic, laying the foundation for multi-mode teaching.


The academic lecture was launched on a special online platform and showcased the new trends in academic and scientific research on a technical and hardware level, providing teachers with a significant edge in their career development.

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