Sias School wins Central China Div. of 3rd Ntl. College EVC Competition

Monday, June 15 – The Central China Division of 3rd National College Enterprise Value Creation Competition was held (online) on the 13th and 14th of June. Nearly 1,000 teams from over 200 colleges and universities across China took part, including

Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics, Nanchang University, Shandong University of Finance & Economics, Nanjing Audit University, and Henan University Of Economics & Law. Three teams of 12 students each, including Yin Junyou, Wei Xiaomeng, Wang Chenxi, and Li Songyuan from Sias University's School of Accounting took part in the Central China Division and won one 1st prize and two 2nd place prizes, under the guidance of Sias teachers, Ren Yanyan and Wang Zhuo. It is the second time that Sias has participated in this competition.


The Central China Division of the 3rd National College Enterprise Value Creation Competition is organized by the Higher Financial & Economic Education Branch of the China Association of Higher Education, and sponsored by the China Commercial Accounting Institute, and the Planning and Education Professional Committee of the Accounting Society of China. The competition was co-sponsored by the School of Accounting of the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, and Xiamen Wangzhong Software Co. Ltd., with technical support provided by the China Accounting Online School. The competition is a national authoritative financial and accounting competition for undergraduates majoring in Financial Management and Accounting.


The competition aims to promote teaching and learning through competition, and through the simulation of enterprise management decision-making, practical business analysis, in-depth analysis of enterprise management, and problem solving. The goal is to nurture students' minds and awareness, and to improve communication, cooperation, and leadership.


The competition was divided into 3 parts: EVC (Enterprise Value Creation) battle platform, management of accounting cases, and operation reports. The EVC battle platform involved situational business war and included changeable situations in shopping malls and confrontative competitions. The management accounting cases investigated the degree of students' learning of professional knowledge. The business operations reports highlighted the teams' ability to analyze problems, analyze dynamic and static enterprise data in multiple dimensions, gain insight into business opportunities, integrate effective resources, analyze internal and external risks, and formulate business strategies.


Through the competition, Sias students expanded their professional knowledge and improved their ability to apply the knowledge in acutal situations. The competition with other universities also improved their personal performance. The competition also provided students from Sias' School of Accounting with a significant platform to improve their financial literacy, enhance their innovative practice, and their entrepreneurship and employment ability. It was also an opportunity for the integration of modern information technology and education and teaching.

The Central China Division of 3rd National College Enterprise Value Creation Competition

The competition was held online on the 13th and 14th of June

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