Sias Organizes Training for New Recruits

Wednesday, August 26 – On the 26th of August, Sias University's Employment & Entrepreneurship Department organized a comprehensive training for students who had passed their physical examinations and political examinations in 2020 for participation in the pre-service training for military service.


Sias has given great importance to the mobilization of national defense conscription. The Employment & Entrepreneurship Department has been active with mobilizing and coordinating with students through the residential colleges to devote themselves in service to the nation. The training involved 68 students in 3 groups and had special meetings for recruitment organized by the provincial military and education departments.


After the normalization of the situation after the prevention and control of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Education and the Military Commission continued with the general requirement of colleges and universities across China to provide prospective soldiers for the national defense mobilization. In 2020, Sias carried out these recruitment activities online.


The purpose of the pre-service training is to understand the mental and physical condition of prospective recruits so that they can accurately experience life in a military training camp and the army. It also exposes the students' motivations for enlistment, gives them a solid physical foundation, and improves their ability to adapt.

Sias' Employment & Entrepreneurship Department organized pre-service training for military service

Pre-service training for military service

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