Student Affairs Office conducts Residential College Inspections

Thursday, August 27 – The Student Affairs Office organized exchanges and inspections of the residential colleges at Sias on the 27th of August, to ensure a smooth orientation at the start of the first semester. Leaders and student supervisors visited each residential college in preparation for the new academic year.


The investigation visited all the residential collegs, including Siqi, Boya, Mingli, Boyi, Huanyu, Zhixing, Zhiyuan, and Zhishan residential college. Leaders of each residential college presented reports on the theme of each residential college, their educational achievements, and development. The Student Affairs Office also inspected the preparations for the opening of the first semester and the arrangements for the prevention and control of the Coronavirus pandemic which were centered on service points.


After the inspection, the Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Bai Meng, said that all the residential colleges should have a cohesive understanding of the issues found during the inspection and rectify them as soon as possible. She said that they should welcome both new and returning students and organize internal drills to ensure a safe and orderly return of students, leading to a smooth reopening of the university.

The Student Affairs Office organized inspections of the residential colleges

The Student Affairs Office organized inspections of the residential colleges

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