KII holds 2020/21 First Semester Training Conference

Friday, August 28 – Sias University’s Kansas International Institute (KII) held a training conference on the 26th and 27th of August. The conference was held to review and summarize the development and experiences of the institute and to prepare the objectives and tasks for the 2020/21 academic year. The Party Secretary of KII, Song Hongsheng, and the Executive Vice President of KII, Chu Jinjin, attended the meeting. The Director of the Office, Lu Pengfei, presided over the proceedings.


At the conference, the Director of the International Project Department, Li Jia, and an English teacher, Qian Yuanyuan, shared their experiences at Sias.


Song Hongsheng presented a report entitled "The 2020-21 academic year Kansas International Institute Party Building Work Plan", focusing on the institute's main Party related work in detail. He said that the staff should work towards fostering a strong sense of responsibility with regard to Xi Jinping's Socialist Ideology with Chinese Characteristics in the new era, for the development of the Kansas International Institute.


Chu Jinjin presented a plan for innovation at the Kansas International Institute for the 2020/21 academic year, and put forward 5 requirements:

- First, innovation should be a hallmark of the development of the institute;

- Second, education and teaching should be accurate and students should be provided with personalized service;

- Third, the teaching style should drive the style of study and the standardization of the management process;

- Fourth, the subject matter should promote a problem-based learning method;

- Fifth, there should be a combination of cultural education, activities and environment education.

The innovation work plan highlighted the focus, pertinence, and comprehensive coverage for the next stage in the Kansas International Institute's objectives and development.


Focusing on English education and teaching, the Director of the 1st English Teaching & Research Office, Zhang Caiyun, reviewed the achievements of the previous academic year, and elaborated on the work ideas and tasks of the new academic year. He also stressed on the importance of innovation and the need for improving the passing rate of the CET-4 examination. The Director of the 2nd English Teaching & Research Office, Sun Meijuan, analyzed the methods for improving the teaching quality and scientific research level based on challenges with regard to teaching, students and research. She encouraged innovation and the nurturing of talent as a means to increase achievements. The Director of the Teaching & Research Section of Professional Courses at KII, Li Mingming, presented a report on the work plans for the 2020/21 academic year at the Kansas International Institute. He emphasized the creation of study styles, curriculum, online teaching management, diversification of teaching methods, standardization of examinations, evaluation of grassroots teaching organizations, and the improvement of graduates' employment rate. The Teaching Secretary, Zhao Zhengwei, explained the educational administration work arrangements and training plans in detail, and showed actual operations so that teachers would be familiar with the operations and applications of the educational administration system.


The training conference put forward the requirements of the staff, and also gave a platform for the sharing of experiences of teaching and research as well as the work of administrative staff. Special discussions on the work of the new academic year were also held. The purpose of the conference was to clarify the development focus in the new semester, build a platform for mutual exchanges and learning, and create a cohesive atmosphere in the Kansas International Institute.

The Kansas International Institute (KII) held a training conference

Party Secretary of KII, Song Hongsheng

Executive Vice President of KII, Chu Jinjin

Kansas International Institute training conference

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