Zhumadian Vocational & Technical College delegation visits Sias

Tuesday, September 1 – A delegation from Zhumadian Vocational & Technical College visited Sias University on the 31st of August. The delegation included the Director of the United Front Work Department, Xu Qing, and the Minister of the Education & Work Department, An Yunyin.


Xu Qing and his delegation were taken on a tour of Sias that included various teaching, learning, and living facilities, as well as the Italian Square, Student Registration sites, Mingli Residential College, and the Huanyu Residential College.


After the campus tour, the delegation met with representatives of Sias. The Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office and Executive Vice President of the General Office of Residential Colleges, Bai Meng, the President of Huanyu Residential College, Yang Jiaqing, and the Deputy Party Secretary of Huanyu Residential College, Wang Li, met with the delegation from Zhumadian Vocational & Technical College.


Yang Jiaqing welcomed the delegation, while Bai Meng introduced them to Sias' educational philosophy, development process, student management, and residential college system. Xu Qing spoke of his gratitude at the reception he received and said that he was impressed by Sias' student-centered education, achievements, residential colleges, and campus environment. During the exchanges, An Yunyin said that he hoped to learn from Sias' student management and residential college system to explore new student management methods suitable for Zhumadian Vocational & Technical College.


The two sides continued discussion on institutional settings, student community management, student academic management, and the communication and coordination between academic schools and residential colleges.

A delegation from Zhumadian Vocational & Technical College visited Sias

Campus tour

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