SFL organizes Training for Oral English Teachers

Thursday, September 3 – Sias University's School of Foreign Languages held a special training seminar for Oral English teachers on the 2nd of September. The seminar was organized to help teachers grasp the course material, standardize the teaching process, and focus on assessment organization, performance evaluation, and teaching quality.


Before the training, Zhang Xiaohui, a teacher in charge of the Oral English course, showed the teachers training videos and course materials prepared by Sias' foreign teachers. The training seminar was divided into 3 parts: course teaching and training, precautions, and an on-site Q&A session.


Zhang Xiaohui spoke on various topics such as textbook selection, course outlines, course progress, teaching content and design, the organization of classroom activities, and the methods for recording student performance, assessment and precautions in class. He went over the teaching process of the courses and gave solutions for some of the problems faced by teachers. Teaching Secretary, Wang Di, briefly explained the teaching requirements and course characteristics for the upcoming academic year, and spoke of the matters that needed attention during the first week of the course. After the training, teachers and leadership engaged in a detailed Q&A session where staff had exchanges and discussions.

Training seminar for Oral English teachers

Training seminar for Oral English teachers

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