Sias holds Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Meeting

Monday, September 7 – On the morning of the 4th of September, Sias University held an undergraduate teaching evaluation meeting in the Administration Building. Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, and Vice President, and Chairman of the Trade Union, Wu Hua, attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Zhao Yuxin spoke about the early stages of the development of evaluation work at Sias and stressed on the importance of undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation. He also spoke about the importance of ideology, work objectives and principles of evaluation, and gave a brief explanation of the schedule of evaluation work at Sias. He gave a detailed presentation on two government notices concerning evaluation at Sias and gave specific instructions for the division of labor and the requirements from each evaluation team, according to the directives from the government notices.


Wu Hua spoke of the requirements of each special working group for evaluation and stressed of the importance of seriousness, innovation, modesty, and order, for the work plans and tasks to be completed in a conscientious manner.


After this, the leaders of 8 evaluation working groups presented reports on their work plans for evaluations and the basic requirements of the evaluation index system. Undergraduate teaching qualification assessment is a comprehensive test of the level and strength of the university, which is directly related to the development of the university.

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