Sias holds discussions with Huike Education Technology Group

Friday, September 11 - On the morning of the 10th of September, a delegation from Huike Education Technology Group visited Sias University for talks. The delegation included the General Manager of the Henan District of Huike Education Technology Group, Han Yuehui; the Director of Cooperation in Henan, Qin Yang; the President of Huike Emerging Engineering College, Li Qi; and the Assistant to the President, Lu Jiajia. The delegation met with Sias Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, and the Assistant Principal of Teaching and Director of the Academic Affairs & Scientific Research Department, Zhu Lin.


At the meeting, Zhao Yuxin introduced the development of Sias and spoke about the integration of production and education in combination with a liberal arts education. He also spoke about the interdisciplinary education in subjects such as engineering, arts, and business to meet the needs of industries, strengthen the cooperation between the university and enterprises, improve student employment, and to explore a distinctive path for the integration of education and industry.


Li Qi spoke gave an introduction to the Huike Education Technology Group from the perspective of enterprise existence value, cooperation with educational institutions, specialty settings, enrollment and employment, the nurturing of talent, and development. He pointed out that with the rapid development of technology in the market, talent should not only conform to national policies, but also meet the needs of a developing society. The integration of industry and education, university enterprise cooperation, has become a growing trend.


Discussions continued on industry development trends, modes of education, types and methods of cooperation, following which the delegation from Huike Education Technology Group and leaders from Sias reached a preliminary agreement for cooperation.

Meeting between a delegation from Huike Education Technology Group and Sias

Sias Vice President, Zhao Yuxin

President of Huike Emerging Engineering College, Li Qi

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