School of Business holds Forum for New Teachers

Thursday, September 17 – On the 16th of September, Sias University's School of Business held a forum for their new teachers. The Dean, Gao Youcai, the Party Secretary, Zhu Haitao, the Vice Dean, Wang Yanpeng, and Outstanding Teachers' Representative, Wei Peimei, met with the 16 new teachers at the forum. Zhu Haitao presided over the forum.


At the meeting, the new teachers introduced themselves and put forward their preliminary ideas for the development of the School of Business from the aspects of teaching, scientific research, and personal development. They also had exchanges about the problems when they first arrived at the School.


Wang Yanpeng spoke about potential problems with classroom teaching, scientific research, course competition, skill improvement, and evaluations, and encouraged the new teachers to focus on the effective use of high-quality curriculum and resources in their teaching process.


Based on her years of growth and development as a teacher at Sias, Wei Peimei spoke about her experience with teaching management, personnel training, teaching skills and improvement, curriculum, ideological and political education, and scientific research.


Gao Youcai concluded the meeting. He welcomed the new teachers and put forward 3 expectations from them:

- First, to never forget their original intent and nurture students with moral integrity, strive towards being excellent teachers, and work towards the betterment of future generations;

- Second, to improve their teaching and scientific research as soon as possible, and learn from more experienced teachers;

- Third, to integrate into and contribute to the School of Business.

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