Sias holds Undergraduate Teaching Qualifications Evaluation Meeting

Thursday, September 17 – Sias University held a special meeting for evaluating undergraduate teaching qualifications on the 16th of September in the Library. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, and Sias Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, attended the meeting. The heads of the Education Administration & Scientific Research Department, Teaching Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Center, and the Supervision & Audit Department attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Dr. Chen stressed on the importance and urgency of undergraduate teaching qualification assessment, and put forward 3 points on the evaluation work:

- First, the policy of evaluation should be thoroughly understood, and reform, management and teaching should be promoted through evaluation;

- Second, it was important to be goal oriented and result oriented. This would involve refining the evaluation index system, making work requirements and deadlines, establishing an evaluation task list, holding regular meetings of evaluation every month, and paying attention to the collection, classification, sorting and filing of material by formulating working mechanisms;

- Third, evaluations should be implemented and the progress should be regularly checked so as to ensure that all related tasks are implemented effectively every month. This would involve the Teaching Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Center assigning tasks and relevant departments coordinating and promoting their implementation; the Supervision & Audit Department carefully supervising their implementation and clarifying responsibilities to ensure a smooth progress of the evaluation work.


Zhao Yuxin said that Sias should learn from other colleges and universities who have passed the evaluation, and formulate work plans to improve their understanding, responsibilities, ideas, and efficiency. He put forward specific points for the next stage in evaluation:

- First, responsibilities of the Teaching Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Center should be clarified as soon as possible, a university evaluation website should be set up, relevant policy documents should be released on time, and the evaluation team should be created and the work of the special working group should be thoroughly completed;

- Second, work plans should be implemented based on the evaluation index system, responsibilities and tasks should be refined, and problems should be dealth with individually;

- Third, great importance should be given to the teaching staff, academic specialties, and basic teaching management norms. Tasks should be clarified, with a focus on reform, professional evaluation and curriculum evaluation, and the university's quality assurance system;

- Fourth, the deadlines and requirements for each evaluation should be made clear, and the specific responsibilities should be assigned to each person involved. Evaluation materials should be completed in accordance with the right standards with both quality and quantity guaranteed.

He also said that it was necessary to incorporate the performances in evaluation into performance appraisals.


After this, representatives of each department present presented reports based on evaluations in combination with actual work.

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