Sias Leaders meet with Military Training Instructors and Freshmen

Tuesday, September 22 – Sias Vice President, Xu Shengdao, accompanied by the Head of the Military Training Corps, Dao Zai, and the Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, and Executive Vice President of the General Office of the Residential Colleges, Bai Meng, visited teachers and students involved in the military training, on the 22nd of September.


Xu Shengdao inquired about the progress of the military training in detail and had conversations with training instructors and freshmen. He thanked the instructors for their work and encouraged the freshmen to face all the difficulties of training. He said that this year's military training was special because it also involved the prevention and control of the Coronavirus pandemic. He told students that the training was for their physical and mental discipline, and it would hold them in good stead in their university life.


Xu Shengdao also put forward requirements with regard to food safety, medical security, protection, and publicity during the military training. He said that he hoped that everyone involved would work towards a smooth and successful military training.

Leaders meeting with Sias staff

Leaders meeting with Sias staff

Leaders meeting with Sias staff

Leaders meeting with Sias staff

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