Sias Orientation App helps 2020/21 Freshmen Register

Tuesday, September 22 – From the 31st of August to the 20th of September, over 11,000 freshmen from across China came to Sias University to begin their life at university. With the normalization of life after the prevention and control of the Coronavirus pandemic, Sias' IT Management Center introduced a mobile phone app to help freshmen with their registration for the 2020/21 academic year, and to provide them with efficient and easy access to information services. At orientation sites across the Sias campus, QR codes for the Sias Welcome app were displayed for freshmen. The app gives users directions for the various procedures required for registration in real time.


In a change from previous years, freshmen can download the Sias Orientation App after receiving their admission, and complete the app identity activation through facial recognition and SMS verification. On the app, payment, information submission, health reporting, clothing size registration, arrival registration, and dormitory options and selection can be filled in. Students can also submit queries for their educational tutors, wardens, and roommates. The launch of the app is an important part of Sias' Intelligent Campus.


Due to the coordinated efforts of the Information Technology Management Center, the Academic Affairs Office and the Scientific Research Office, the flow of students and traffic has been reduced at the registration area, clothing area (for military training), and dormitories. This has also enabled university leaders inspect the registration rate, accommodation rate, and payments of the freshmen in real time, providing interconnected enrollment data for both the educational administration system and the student work system.


The Sias Orientation App has been met by students with very positive reviews. Wang Qian, a freshman from the Huanyu Residential College, said, "The mobile phone payment and dormitory experience sharing are very good, very convenient, and smooth. It's great!" Luo Haixia, a teacher from the Academic Affairs Office, said, "It is very convenient to carry just a mobile phone to each floor, and not carrying a laptop or borrowing a card reader every day." Departments such as the Academic Affairs Office and Scientific Research Office, and the General Office of the Residential Colleges, also gave positive reviews. They said that the app greatly facilitates student registration at academic schools, reduces the wait time, and gives real time data with regard to registration to the various departments in academic schools, thereby improving the work efficiency.

Sias Orientation App

The Sias Orientation App helped with freshman registration

The Sias Orientation App helped with freshman registration

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