KPMG (China) Executive visits School of Accounting

Saturday, September 26 – On the 25th of September, the Manager of the Marketing Department of the Zhengzhou Branch of KPMG Enterprise Consulting (China), Zhao Yi, and the General Manager of the Henan Branch of Kingdee Technology, He Songzhan, visited Sias University's School of Accounting for exchanges. The Vice Dean of the School of Accounting, Chang Faliang, presided over a forum held for the guests. The visit was part of Sias' work towards the integration of industries and education, which focuses on providing students with internships, employment, and resources.


At the forum, Zhao Yi spoke about the development of KPMG in China and Henan and proposed the establishment of cooperation between them and universities for academic exchanges, enterprise cooperation, executive training, student employment guidance, and student internships.


Chang Faliang spoke about the development and history of Sias University, in particular on student training, teacher training, academic courses, academic exchanges, and other plans for the School of Accounting. He also spoke about the advantages of cooperation with KPMG with auditing, management accounting and management consulting.


The guests then had exchanges with leaders from the School of Accounting about the integration of industry and education, academic fora, and student internships. They reached a preliminary agreement for cooperation in the future and said that they were looking forward to establishing a long-term mechanism for cooperation and exchanges.

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