School of Accounting holds Freshman Introductory Meeting

Tuesday, September 29 – Sias University's School of Accounting held an introductory meeting for freshmen on the 28th of September. The Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Accounting, Zhang Leiming, the Vice Dean, Chang Faliang, the Director of the Department of Accounting, Qiu Daoxin, and the Director of the Department of Financial Management, Jiao Yongmei, were present at the meeting. Representatives from teaching and research departments in the School also attended the meeting, as did all the freshmen of the school from the 2020/21 academic year.


At the meeting, Chang Faliang gave a detailed answer to the questions - "Why study at Sias?", "What [academic] major should I study at Sias?", and "What is the goal of going to university?" He stressed on the importance of the Postgraduate Entrance Examination and professional qualification certificates. He said that Accounting was a valuable and highly competitive field, and the Postgraduate Entrance Examination was an important step towards academic excellence and professional competitiveness.


Zhang Leiming put forward 3 requirements:

- First, students should have lofty aspirations for life, and be patriotic;

- Second, they should be knowledgeable, innovative, and collaborative;

- Third, they should abide by rules.


Qiu Daoxin and Jiao Yongmei introduced the various academic specializations and the development of Sias University. They spoke about each major at the School of Accounting, as well as the allocation of teachers, curriculum, and academic competitions. The directors of teaching and research departments had presentations on the curriculum, professional training objectives, requirements, credit allocation, certification examinations, and development prospects.


During a Q&A session, the freshmen had in-depth exchanges with teachers on various topics such as professional learning, professional qualifications, the Postgraduate Entrance Examination, and employment.


The purpose of the introductory meeting was to improve the freshmen's understanding of their majors, help them develop clear learning paths and goals, and help them enrich their university life.

2020 School of Accounting Freshman Introductory Meeting

Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Accounting, Zhang Leiming

Vice Dean, Chang Faliang

2020 School of Accounting Freshman Introductory Meeting

2020 School of Accounting Freshman Introductory Meeting

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