Sias holds Teaching Supervision Meeting

Wednesday, September 30 – Sias University held a Teaching Supervision Meeting in the Administration Building on the afternoon of the 30th of September. Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, the heads of the Teaching Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Center, and all teaching supervisors attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the Director of the Teaching Quality Monitoring Office, Wu Yali, introduced the functions and personnel of the Teaching Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Center at Sias. The teaching supervisors listed the problems encountered in the process of teaching supervision, and put forward solutions and suggestions for the current teaching quality evaluation system, the evaluation index, and the evaluation system as a whole.


The Director of the Teaching Quality Monitoring & Evaluation Center, Qu Xiaogai, put forward 4 suggestions for the teaching supervisors:

- First, they should summarize and sort out problems in time and rectify them after reporting them to the leadership;

- Second, they should improve the evaluation of teaching quality, improve the teaching supervision expert team, and expand the scope of the teaching supervisors and managers;

- Third, teaching supervisors should pay attention to the improvement of teaching links, teaching plans, the interaction between teachers and students, homework and guidance after class, experimental reports, and even the teaching styles and studying styles, so as to address problems in cooperation with the Academic Affairs Office, with the end goal of improving the teaching quality;

- Fourth, teaching supervisors should communicate with teachers and students after attending classes by listening to the opinions and suggestions of teachers and students.


Zhao Yuxin stressed on the importance of qualification assessments and teaching quality assurance. He proposed that they be prioritized along with a conscientious summarizing of opinions and suggestions from the teaching supervisors so that specific improvement measures could be formulated.

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