2020 Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Jie) Symposium

Monday, November 2 – On the 23rd of October, Sias University held a symposium on the Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Jie) that focused on the traditional and cultural respect for one's elders as well as the Chinese nation's respect for professors and educators. Sias Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, attended the symposium. The heads of the Administration Office, the Communist Party Committee, the Supervision & Auditing Department, the Human Resources Department, the Propaganda Department, and the Labor Union, were also in attendance, along with representatives of several academic schools, residential colleges, and senior professors over the age of 60. The Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, Zhang Ru, presided over the meeting.


Both experts and professors said that the greatest achievement of teachers was to help students. Senior professors also put forward their opinions and suggestions for teaching reform, faculty management, classroom teaching quality improvement, and the development of the university.


Li Huafeng thanked the professors and teachers for their dedication and hard work. He especially thanked the retired professors for their commitment to teaching and educating people. In particular, he expressed his gratitude to Prof. Wu Xiuzhi, who is almost 90 years old and still teaches, and Hu Bianying, who conducts the Sias Military Marching Band. He said that Sias was fortunate to have so many experts and scholars. He also said that he hoped that professors and teachers would use their expertise and professionalism to raise the standard of students. In response to the suggestions of teachers, he said that Sias would work towards teaching reform, the effect of education, and creating a new chapter in the history of the university.


After the symposium, Zhang Ru visited Prof. Wu Xiuzhi and spoke to her about the development of Sias. He also thanked her for her contributions toward the nurturing of talent at the university. Wu Xiuzhi expressed her gratitude for the care given to older professors by Sias, and spoke of her pride at the rapid development of the university.

2020 Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Jie) Symposium

Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng

Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, Zhang Ru

Faculty representatives

Faculty representatives

Group photo

Members of Sias' Labor Union visited Prof. Wu Xiuzhi

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