Sias organizes Liberal Arts Video Lecture

Tuesday, November 3 – Sias University organized a video conference lecture on Liberal Arts on the 3rd of November. Sias Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, presided over the lecture. The Assistant to the President & Director of the Academic Affairs & Scientific Research Office, Zhu Lin, attended the lecture, as did leaders from teaching and research departments, teachers and educational administration staff.


The lecture covered topics such as the requirements of the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in Colleges and Universities, new liberal arts, and philosophy and social science development centered on the nurturing of talent.


The Director-General of the Department of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, Wu Yan, presented a report titled, "Accumulating Potential, Seeking Change, Identifying and Adapting to Change - the Construction of Liberal Arts". He covered social situations and spoke about liberal arts, why they are necessary, and how they should be set up. He stressed that the new era had new requirements which required the acceleration of innovation and development of liberal arts education, as well as the adaptability of the liberal arts in response to change.


Sias University has continued work towards strengthening its liberal arts education and integrating it into the university culture.

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