KII holds Meeting on Collaborative Education

Monday, November 9 – Sias University's Kansas International Institute (KII) held a meeting on strengthening collaborative education between institutes to help students grow, on the 9th of November in Hammond Hall. The President of KII, Matthew Schenk, the Executive Vice President, Chu Jinjin, the Deputy Party Secretary of Boya Residential College, Liu Dongwei, the Deputy Party Secretary of Huanyu Residential College, Wang Li, and the Deputy Party Secretary of Qixian Residential College, Gui Pingping, attended the meeting.


Matthew Schenk spoke about the necessity of the meeting and said that he hoped that it would strengthen the coordination of daily related affairs for the steady improvement of students.


Chu Jinjin presented a report on the recently concluded Student-Teacher Forum. She enumerated the problems related to integration between academic schools and also reported on the problems that were dealt with in a timely manner. Liu Dongwei spoke about student management issues and spoke about the status of talent training and collaboration between residential colleges. He also spoke of his hope for the promotion of the integrated development of education in residential colleges. Wang Li said that residential colleges should primarily focus on personnel training with regard to ideological and political education, and integrate this with education. Academic schools and residential colleges, he said, should work together in a complementary manner. Gui Pingping said that she hoped that collaborative meetings between institutions would be regular, face-to-face, and would focus on students.


With an emphasis on moral education, the Kansas International Institute is focused on the nurturing of application-oriented talents with personality, knowledge, professionalism, and the courage to innovate. It has also pushed for the integration of practice through collaboration between Sias' academic schools and residential colleges, so as to effectively promote a holistic education for the students.

KII held a meeting on collaborative education

Executive Vice President of KII, Chu Jinjin

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