2021 Information Construction Project Demonstration Meeting

Thursday, March 11 - Sias University held a demonstration meeting for the 2021 Information Construction Project in the Administration Building on the 11th of March. The Party Secretary of the School of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data at the Henan University of Technology, Fu Xiaoyan, and the Director of the Information Center at Henan Polytechnic College, Tan Yingjun, were participants in the meeting. Members from Sias University's Information Construction Management Department, Procurement & Contract Management Center, Financial Assets Department, and Supervision & Audit Department were present as well. Li Xia, from the Information Construction Management Department, presided over the meeting.


Li Xia presented a report to the experts and leaders at the meeting about the details of the construction content, collection and primary election of Sias' informatization project in 2021, and the matters needing attention with regard to project demonstration and evaluation.


Nine departments, including the Administration Office, the Educational Administration & Scientific Research Office, and the Financial Assets Office, presented reports on construction content, budgets, and, urgent and necessary aspects of the project.


Experts from the external evaluation group said that Sias had a good information structure and prioritized user information well. They said that the information construction project fully combined new developments in information technology with the actual situation of the university, which in turn would play a positive role in the modernization of the university's governance system and governance ability. They also put forward suggestions for the project, focusing mainly on the necessity of the project and the rationality of the budget.


Project demonstrations are an important part of informatization construction at Sias. There is a strong system for the implementation of informatization projects and the promotion of informatization work. After the meeting, the Information Construction Management Department is scheduled to cooperate with various project application units to modify and improve the project according to the opinions and feedback given by the experts.

2021 Information Construction Project Demonstration Meeting

Li Xia, from the Information Construction Management Department

2021 Information Construction Project Demonstration Meeting

2021 Information Construction Project Demonstration Meeting

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