Anti Telecom Network Fraud Seminar

Monday, March 15 - Sias University's Financial Assets Department and Student Affairs Office held a seminar on preventing telecom network fraud on the 15th of March. The theme of the seminar was "Mastering Financial Knowledge and Creating a Better Life". Staff from the Xinzheng branch of the Bank of Communications, members of the Xinzheng Public Security Bureau, and officers from the Xinyan Street Police Station in Xinzheng were invited to the seminar. Members of the university's Financial Assets Department, Student Affairs Office, educational tutors, and various residential colleges' Communist Youth League members attended the seminar. The Director of the Student Education & Management Center at the Student Affairs Office, Li Chao, presided over the seminar.


The Manager of the Xinzheng branch of the Bank of Communications, Cai Lei, gave a special lecture on the prevention of telecom fraud. He spoke about common tricks of telecom network fraud through the examples of various cases. He reminded students to pay attention to the protection of personal identity information, property information, account information, and credit information as a part of daily life, particularly with regard to financial transactions. He encouraged them to protect their personal information and stay vigilant.


In his concluding speech, Li Chao said that the Communist Youth League should work towards the spreading of knowledge of preventing and reducing telcom network fraud among students. Through the dissemination of knowledge, case analyses, on-site interactions, and quizzes, students at Sias are encouraged to spread an awareness and understanding of the crime of telecom network fraud to ensure a safe campus.

Anti Telecom Network Fraud Seminar

Anti Telecom Network Fraud Seminar

Anti Telecom Network Fraud Seminar

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