Cross-Border e-Commerce Training Camp

Monday, March 22 - The first session of the Shopee Cross-Border e-Commerce Training Camp, organized by the Employment & Entrepreneurship Department, was held on the 22nd of March.


Yin Changtao, from the university's Employment & Entrepreneurship Department first made a speech. He spoke about the purpose of the training camp, the entrepreneurial risks, and the mentality required for students in e-commerce entrepreneurship. Following this, the Founder of Xinzheng Xiachuang Technology Co., Fang Mingyan, presented an industry overview and spoke about the future trends of cross-border e-commerce. He then analyzed China's cross-border e-commerce industry chain, the typical platforms for China's cross-border e-commerce, the opportunities for cross-border e-commerce, and the settlement and operations of Shopee platforms. He also answered students' questions in an open Q&A session.


This cross-border e-commerce training camp is different from previous popular and large e-commerce training in that it presents specialized and accurate cross-border e-commerce talent training plans, involves online store operations, brand promotion, art design, copywriting planning, customer service skills, and order processing, among other aspects of e-commerce entrepreneurship. Based on the practical operations of cross-border e-commerce platforms, and with the help of the Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms of Shopee [a Singaporean multinational technology company which focuses mainly on e-commerce], students are able to combine the theory learned in classrooms with actual practice, helping them complete the transformation from student to entrepreneur.


The purpose of the training camp is to provide on-site guidance from sellers through the existing curriculum system and careful teaching arrangements, so that trainees can understand the various skills needed for real life entrepreneurship and independent operations.

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