School of Business holds Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Wednesday, March 24 - Sias University's School of Business held a Signing Ceremony for a cooperative education project with Zhejiang Jingchuang Education Technology Co. on the 24th of March. The Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Jingchuang Education Technology Co., Jin Bin, the Party Secretary of the School of Business, Zhu Haitao, the Vice President, Wang Yanpeng, the Director of the Business Administration Department, and the Director of Human Resources at the Teaching & Research Office, Li Xiaoli, attended the signing ceremony.


Wang Yanpeng welcomed Deputy General Manager Jin Bin, and spoke about the academic disciplines, majors, teaching, student body and integration of industry and education at the School of Business. He said that the School had participated in the Ministry of Education's collaborative education project, and said that he expected to focus on strengths of both parties through in-depth cooperation, while promoting the reform of ideological and political education in the curriculum.


Later, Jin Bin gave a brief introduction to the business, industry cooperation and project development at Zhejiang Jingchuang Education Technology Co. He said that he would ensure access to the resources and facilities of the company. He also said hoped that both sides would take this opportunity to deepen cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises for the nurturing of innovative and suitable talent.


Wang Yanpeng and Jin Bin held the Unveiling Ceremony of the cooperative education project between Sias University's School of Business and Zhejiang Jingchuang Education Technology Co. according the guidelines from the Ministry of Education.

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