Sias students win 3rd prize at “Golden Butterfly Cup”

Monday, March 29 - The Finals of the 1st "National Industry Education Integration Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition" Financial Informatization Track - "Golden Butterfly Cup" was held online on the 27th of March. Two teams from Sias University's School of Accounting won two 3rd prizes in the national finals.


The competition was composed of two parts - the practical examination, and the intelligent accounting competition. The platform was the Golden Butterfly (Jin Die) intelligent financial cloud platform, which is an online intelligent finance and taxation SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It integrates mobile internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and a new generation of cloud computing information technology. Participants can remain in an office environment and still engage in business collaboration. The purpose of the competition was to help students master their knowledge of accounting and taxation, and improve their competitiveness for employment.


The competition began in September 2020, and the teams from Sias University, under the guidance of Nie Jing, Chen Mengyuan, and Lu Xiaoying, advanced to the national finals, standing out from over 8,000 participating students from almost 500 colleges from across China. In the finals, the teams from Sias won two 3rd prizes.


The Golden Butterfly Cup showcases the ability of students to master advanced financial management theories, tools, and methods, and integrate their knowledge of accounting and information systems.

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